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We are one of the most trusted Database Providers in Delhi NCR, India. We also sell B2B / B2C data of USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Germany. Using our huge database, you can aggressively reach your target market to sell your products or services. Telemarketing & Email marketing is the direct & most powerful marketing method in the world today. There are thousands of potential customers (Leads) planning to purchase your product or service today. If they can’t find you, you can reach them through our database by doing Telemarketing & Email marketing. You must always use correct, verified or accurate database for telecalling purpose which is very very important for success of any marketing campaign. Our company is one of the most reputed database companies in India and we are here to help you to provide all types of database at cheapest price.

Total No. of Customers database of Delhi NCR (Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida are included in NCR) :  10 Lac General Data (Price Rs.20,000/-). This Database  is available in the form of Excel Sheet. We have many more types of database for marketing purpose. Fill Our Query Form  to get quotation.

We also have 90% Accurate B2C Premium Database for running your Domestic Call Center Process successfully —-

Apart from above mentioned Indian Database, we have following types of database of USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Germany. You can upload this data at your Predictive Dialer to make your outbound campaign successful —

Type Of Data Min. Quantity PRICE
US Raw Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000
US Tech Support Data 1 Lac
US Pharmacy Data 1 Lac
US Pay Day Loan Data 1 Lac
US Online Education Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000
US Home Improvement Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000
USA B2B Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000
US Diabetic Data 1 Lac Rs.20,000
US Home Owner Data 1 Lac Rs.20,000
Canada B2C Data 1 Lac Rs.20,000
Germany B2C Data 5 Lac Rs.40,000
Australian B2C Data 1 Lac Rs.20,000
UK B2C Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000
UK B2B Data 1 Lac Rs.15,000